Knowledge Transfer

The success of an enterprise depends among other things on successfull knowledge transfers. Collaborators generate more and more knowledge and this even faster then before. In many cases is the new knowledge only in the heads and on top of that inadequately documented. However, these singular knowledge holders leave the enterprise. If the documentation, conservation and transfer of knowledge to new collaborators succeeds, it is possible to keep and improve the experience of every collaborator in the enterprise.


LOOMEO Knowledge Transfer has been developed especially for this exercise. The collected knowledge of a mentor can be effectively documented. His exercises, which he has to execute, competence, networks and methods which are available.


LOOMEO Knowledge Transfer leads the users through the process of knowledge documentation and the transfer, and proiveds for every moment the necessary options. Knowledge is displayed transparently on a Knowledge Map. The alignment of the knowledge elements on the Knowledege Map allows intuitive conclusions for example to key exercises, key competences or liminal enablers, which are used only for a small number of exercises.


The Knowledge Graph supports the decision, which knowledge elements should be transfered reasonably to certain mentee, and which should be better transfered to another mentee.


LOOMEO calculates based on given attributes like learning curve and creation of value, the ideal order of knowledge impartation. This is how a big learning progress is produced, which enables the execution of many important exercises.