LOOMEO Supply Chain Risk Management

Vermeiden Sie
das Risiko eines Liederkettenausfalls

Schaffen Sie volle Transparenz Ihres Liefernetzwerks mit Hilfe von Grafik- und Diagrammanalysen. Definieren Sie Maßnahmen zur Risikominimierung und zur Erhöhung Ihrer Produktverfügbarkeit.

Erhalten Sie absolute Transparenz in kürzeseter Zeit

Erstellen Sie ein Supply-Chain-Risikomodell und identifizieren Sie Ihre Risikohotspots mit unseren fortschrittlichen Analysefunktionen.

Müssen Sie die Risikohotspots in Ihrem Versorgungsnetz identifizieren?

Unsere Use Cases

Basierend auf unserer Beratungserfahrung und zusammen mit unseren Kunden haben wir verschiedene Anwendungsfälle identifiziert! Nur zwei Beispiele:

1. Identify risk hotspots in your  supply network

Effective supply chain management must ensure product availability and prevent disruptions of material and information flows and cash flow as far as possible. It is therefore necessary to identify risk clusters or hotspots in advance and take appropriate preventive countermeasures.

In contrast to traditional supplier management, which typically looks one tier upstream, in LOOMEO SCRM we can build a holistic model across all stages from the customers’ customers to the various supplier stages. Modern graph and chart analytics make it possible to identify and analyse risk hotspots with ease. Full transparency into the relationships and dependencies of the supply chain allows you to take appropriate measures to mitigate risks.

The modeling effort in LOOMEO SCRM is very low compared to other solutions and can be tailored to your specific situation, so that you can achieve first results after a short time.

2. Investigate failure Effects Using a Supply Chain FMEA

Many companies lack the transparency to quickly assess failures in their supply chain and take countermeasures. The advanced visualization and analysis functions in LOOMEO SCRM help you to navigate through your supply chain, evaluate the effects of a failure and find alternative actions.

With the integrated collaboration functions, you can immediately define measures, make them available to all parties involved and track their implementation. LOOMEO also allows the integration of your workflows and documentation for FMEAs, so that you can use LOOMEO here as an “Excel vacuum cleaner”.

Identify Risk hotspots for reliable decisions

Create full transparency in your supply network and identify your risk hotspots proactively. Analyze the possible effects of failures across the network and define appropriate countermeasures.

Do you want to know the impact of decisions and failures?

What clients say about SCRM

BUSER Portraitfoto-2020
Dr. Michael Buser
Experte und Lehrbuchautor auf dem Gebiet des Risikomanagements in der Lieferkette

"LOOMEO SCRM erscheint mir bahnbrechend im Vergleich zu anderen SCRM-Produkten, die ich bisher gesehen habe, und ist für mich eine Referenz. Kompliment dafür."

Get deeper insights by fostering openness and collaboration

Achieve a new level of comprehension through open exchange among your team and by mapping implicit knowledge in a contextual, visual analytics tool.

Do you want to foster an open and collaborative way of working?


From our long-standing experience we know that SCRM is very company specific. Thus, there is no off the shelf solution. Please visit our webinars for more information or contact us to arrange a video appointment.

In order to give you an idea on the key-benefits of LOOMEO SCRM we recommend to join one of our upcoming webinars.

Encourage new and creative approaches

LOOMEO supports you by its advanced analytics functions to develop new and creative approaches. Moreover, together with key thinkers from different areas you can co-create LOOMEO to work out best practices together. Do you want to be part of it?

Do you want a tool that is easy & fun-to-use?

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