Starter kit
Get your free starter kit for more transparency in your IT Landscape and know how to start with a lightweight approach to Enterprise Architecture Management.
We often forget to be clear on our goals before we start another initiative. In over 15 years it has proven itself that it is essential to answer some important questions right at the beginning. Do you know, which effects an increased transparency will bring you? Do you really know the pains of your team? Do you know what they aspire? What do you not want to exclude, so that you won’t be overwhelmed?
To answer these important questions, get our proven and comprehensive tool set! We also included some cool extras, which you cannot only use for  getting a higher IT transparency.
  • Clarification of goals
    This comprehensive template helps you to get clear on the goals you want to achieve by this transparency initiative.
  • Stakeholders
    Systematically identify who needs to be part of the team or be engaged in this initiative.
  • Meeting setup
    No time for preparing your meetings? With this template you can structure any meeting.
  • Meeting rules
    Together in your team come up with rules about how you want to work together. We share with you a template of ours.
  • Icebreakers
    Your team bearly knows each other? With this game you will get to know some extra fun and facts about each other.
  • What’s next
    Congratulation! You finished the setup phase. Here you can see what comes next.

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