Smart apps for solving complex business issues.

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More than 15 years of sound experience in dealing with complexity

For more than 15 years LOOMEO is a leading software for complexity management and helps to analyze, structure, and understand complex systems, processes, and data. LOOMEO offers international companies smart business apps and solutions to get deeper insights into their business challenges and find answers that are critical for business success.

LOOMEO is based on a powerful platform which allows for standardized as well as customized business solutions. After 15 years of experience in complexity management, we have developed best-practice apps for different use cases. The best about LOOMEO is: if you know how to use Excel, you can use LOOMEO.

What our happy clients say

Powerful Solutions

With the LOOMEO software solutions you can easily and collaboratively approach complex business challenges.
Choose the solution which fits best to your field.
Supply Chain Risk &
Allocation Management


Build resilient and transparent supply chains 

  • Achieve End-to-End transparency in your complex supply network
  • Identify risk hotspots proactively
  • Assess impacts in case of failures
  • Evaluate effects of failure and define mitigation measure
Supply Chain Planning &


Close functional gaps in your planning system with manageable effort

  • Expand or scale basic functionalities and business processes at any time.
  • Get deeper insight into your latest demand plan.
  • Develop different demand plans that can be integrated
  • Customize information in your planning book
  • Define time series according to your needs
Project Portfolio


Keep track of multiple projects collaboratively

  • Combination of classic and agile planning methodologies
  • Dashboard functions and indvidual views
  • Transparency in complex project portfolios
  • Efficient multi-project management
Product Architecture


Develop new product architectures collaboratively

  • Reduce variant costs and increase standardization
  • Communicate complex relations easily
  • Design a circular-friendly product architecture
  • Decrease complexity and risks in your supply chain design

What makes LOOMEO stand out

Why to choose LOOMEO smart business solutions
Easy data integration
Thanks to its extensive integration possibilities, LOOMEO fits easily into the existing system landscape.
Single source of truth
With LOOMEO there will be no redundant data anymore. All data is stored in one single source of truth. Everything in LOOMEO is build upon the same data base.
Advanced visualisations
LOOMEO comes with a lot different visualisation possibilities such as the LOOMEO Graph, tiles charts, Gantt charts, etc. which help to make the complexity transparent.
Flexible and adaptable
Due to the highly-flexible and innovative platform of LOOMEO every solution can be adapted to the individual needs. Customer-specific adaptations can be e.g. on the data model, visualisations, access control,...
Easy and fun to use
We are convinced, if you know how to deal with the Excel basics, you know how to use LOOMEO. Our ambition is to design solutions that can be used intuitively and easily.
15+ years of experience
For more than 15 years LOOMEO is a well-recognized software for getting insights in complex data, systems, and processes. In various fields of applications LOOMEO has been successfully implemented.
The LOOMEO mission
Provide specialists and managers with smart methods and tools to make them more effective and successful.
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