ITC Don’t let IT and process complexity take over you! LEARN MORE IT Complexity
SCRM Don’t run into the risk of supply chain failures! LEARN MORE Supply Chain
Risk Management
RMP Don’t leave your product portfolio to chance! LEARN MORE Product Roadmapping PAM Develop new products collaboratively LEARN MORE Product Architecture

LOOMEO is a business analytics tool for smart people

LOOMEO helps you to analyze, structure and understand complex systems, processes, and data.
Through advanced visualization and application of AI methods, LOOMEO optimally supports human thinking.
Questions that are critical for your business success are answered faster and more profoundly.


IT Complexity Management


Don’t let IT and process complexity take you over

  • Get full transparency of your entire IT and business process landscape
  • Assess the effects of changes in your IT system
  • Take advantage of advanced reporting in LOOMEO
  • Work with an easy and fun to use tool
Supply Chain Risk Management


Don’t run into the risk of supply chain failures

  • Achieve full transparency in your complex supply network
  • Identify risk hotspots proactively
  • Assess risk hotspots quantitatively
  • Evaluate effects of failure and define mitigation measures
  • Analyze the effects of failure in your supply chain


Don’t leave your product portfolio to chance

  • Keep overview of product ramp-ups
  • Create customized views of your portfolio easily
  • Identify dependencies of product and technology developments
  • Understand the impact of schedule changes

More information on RPM will be available soon.

Product Architecture Management


Develop new products collaboratively

  • Reduce variant costs and increase standardization
  • Communicate complex relations easily
  • Design a cost-optimized product architecture
  • Decrease complexity and risks in your supply chain design

More information on PAM will be available soon.

Our Ecosystem

What are LOOMEO Widgets?

The technical core of LOOMEO comprises advanced technologies from graph theory and effective report engine – combined with innovative AI methods.
The LOOMEO tech core items are:

  • LOOMEO Grid: for easy creation and editing of objects, dependencies and attributes
  • LOOMEO Graph: visual, self-structuring presentation of objects and dependencies
  • LOOMEO Timeline: Visual representation of time-based objects with relevant dependencies
  • LOOMEO Analysis: Clustering and structural analysis tailored to the app

What is cplace?

All LOOMEO apps and widgets are powered by cPlace. cPlace is an advanced platform for collaborative, evolutionary data und process management – this proven solution is already used by leading edge companies. The platform offers:

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Hybrid Content
  • Access Control
  • Quick Setup
  • Easy Data Integration
  • Fast Growing Community

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