LOOMEO Supply Chain Risk & Allocation Management
In addition to managing ever-increasing customer expectations for product availability and on-time delivery,
a supply chain manager must also provide a cost-effective, flexible and resilient delivery network.
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LOOMEO SCD is for you, if…

you are lacking visibility in your supply chain

There is no holistic end-to-end transparency of your components and interrelationships. The effects of failures in your supply chain performance cannot be recognized easily.

a lot of time is needed for analyses.

A great deal of time is required to bring together and evaluate data from different sources. There is no single source of truth or a supporting tool to assist you in different analyses.

the potential of available data is being unused.

The activities in the individual departments are not used on a cross-departmental basis and cross-functional thinking has not yet been applied throughout the company in order to systematically improve the supply chain performance.

How LOOMEO SCD helps you

Create End-To-End visibility

Build a digital twin to create End-to-End visibility of your supply chain to identify weak points and interdependencies that are otherwise not transparent.

Analyze supply chains and designs

Look at the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution footprint from different angles. This will help you to optimize your supply chain design and make sounder decisions.

Build resilience

Identify risk hotspots preventively in your supply chain, derive appropriate countermeasures to mitigate risks and improve the robustness and resilience of your network.

A smart business solution for resilient supply chains

LOOMEO SCD helps you to get full transparency of your supply chain, assess the risks and systematically design and optimize your supply chain network.

Here are four typical use cases.

End-to-End Visibility

Supply chain visibility means creating transparency in a global supply and production network from all relevant supplier tiers over your own supply network up to the final customer. Increased visbility allows you to improve the performance of your supply chain.

Impact analysis

LOOMEO SCD digital twin gives you the possibility to identify the effects of failures in your supply netwok and to evaluate e.g. the business at risk caused by damage.

Supply chain risk management

LOOMEO SCD risk model gives you quantitative insights into the risk level and risk hotspots in your supply network and derive mitigation measures collaboratively. 

Allocation management

Many industries are currently suffering from material shortages. LOOMEO Allocation Management supports you to allocate short material optimally across your supply network.

What our clients say

BUSER Portraitfoto-2020
Dr. Michael Buser
Expert and textbook author in the field of supply chain risk management

“LOOMEO SCRM seems to me groundbreaking compared to other SCRM products I have seen so far and is a reference for me. Compliments for this.”

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