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This section will give you an overview on how to navigate in LOOMEO and introduce you what is necessary to manage your user account:

Having a common wording

To get started with LOOMEO you can start small – use case by use case. When we talk about use case then we mean a specific question which you want to answer. For each use case you have to consider which data types and attributes are relevant in order to start the analysis after that. To get a profound answer, LOOMEO is supporting you in the analysis by exploring the system dependencies as well as by structuring your data.

In LOOMEO are already pre-defined data types which you can see on the site “Your use case”. For each data type you can enter the objects of your individual IT and process landscape. For each use case you will be asked to fill in the necessary data. There you find for each data type already the relevant, pre-defined attributes. So, you do not need to use every attribute right from the start, but can add the information as soon as you need it.

A relation is a specific connection between data types which are already pre-defined. To get an overview of all relations you can go to the site “Your use case”. In the matrix you can see how the data types are connected to each other. As same data types can have multiple connections, which you can also display by clicking on the linkage symbol. To edit the relations between your object you can do this in the second step of each use case “Enter relation”. There you find the LOOMEO Grid where you can easily edit the relations between each object by double-clicking.

When editing an object in LOOMEO in real-time the change will be updated in the whole data base – and also in the visualisations. Though, you will get a single source of truth, where there is no need to update the data in different documents manually.

After having entered your data and relations in LOOMEO, you have the possibility to look at your data from different perspectives. There are already pre-defined graph and chart analytics visualisations in LOOMEO. These you can find for each use case in the tab “Analyse”.

In the LOOMEO Grid you can enter and edit the relations between the objects of your IT and process landscape. First, you have to activate the editing mode and then you can enter the relations by double-clicking the knots. The LOOMEO Grid supports you to systematically think about each possible relation. Important: Be aware for which relation you are editing.

The LOOMEO Graph is the visualisation of the relations of your objects which you have entered beforehand in the LOOMEO Grid. The Graph can either show your entire landscape (e.g. in “overview”) or an excerpt of it. In the graph you can also select and unselect the data types and relations you are looking for. You will see in real-time how the LOOMEO Graph changes.

Navigating in LOOMEO


Here you find an overview on how LOOMEO works and how you can build your own chart and graph analytics visualisations.

Your use case

On this page you can find all use cases. For selecting one use case you only need to click on one tile – and then just follow the workflow.

Enter Data

Here you can enter the objects of your IT and process landscape for each data type. You can either import your data via an Excel import or you can add them manually with the creation form on the right.

Enter relations

In this step you can edit the relations between your objects in the LOOMEO Grid. In each tab you can edit one relation.


For each use case the reports, charts and LOOMEO Graphs can be found here. Of course, it is possible to add more views and analysis possibilities. For this you can contact us here.

Take action

LOOMEO is providing a Kanban Board summarizing all tasks related to the insights you got while working with LOOMEO ITC.


We know that we cannot predict every question you might have. This is why we want to support co-creation with LOOMEO in order to allow you to set up your own views and reports.


Unique Purchasing Model

LOOMEO is different from other providers when it comes to how we want to sell our software. Our goal is to build incredible tools at the best price-to-benefit ratio – and that people can try before buying. In order to realize this, we are having a slightly different sales model. Check out what makes LOOMEO different:

  • We do not have a pushy enterprise sales team.
  • We provide a free and fully functional cloud trial – for 90 days!
  • We are constantly adding resources to support you during your trial – either by recorded webinars or conversational chats.
  • We do not want that you take any risk, this is why we have an attractive pricing model.
  • We are there to help you with any question – so get in touch with us.


Can I try LOOMEO for free before purchasing it?

Yes, you can. Just fill in your data in the contact form and get access to your personal, fully functional trial version. We know that you have a busy schedule. Thus, we give you an extended trial period of 3 months.

How is the software distributed?

LOOMEO is a SaaS solution. So we will send you your access data – and then you are ready to start. All data is stored securely on a server physically located in Germany.

Pricing and Discounts

How much do LOOMEO apps cost?

We suggest that you start small by using “ITC Essentials”. There you get pre-defined use cases which should cover many of your challenges and questions. If you have more sophisticated needs, then you can upgrade to the “ITC Professional” edition.

Does LOOMEO offer any discounts?

Our aim is to provide you the best-price-to-benefit ratio. We believe that our licensing model is attractive – therefore we cannot allow for discounts.

Are there training solutions available?

We have different webinar sessions where we show you the main functionalities of LOOMEO ITC and answer your questions. We are also having specific sessions to show you the possibilities LOOMEO as a graph analytics tool is giving to you. Therefore, we offer a basic training for free. When you want to answer more specific questions, we offer additional training courses for an attractive participation fee.

What is the difference between the products?

The difference between the licences are mainly customization options. After having started with LOOMEO Essentials, we provide you with the possibility to add your individual views for your specific use cases.

What is software maintenance cost?

The maintenance cost is already priced in the subscription fee.


How do I purchase LOOMEO?

You can purchase LOOMEO in our webshop. You can get to the webshop here.

How do I request a quote for ITC Professional and Unlimited?

You can send us a request via our Get a quote contact form. You can find it here.

Can I request a quote or invoice in a currency other than Euro?

We prefer a quote in Euro. However, if it is inevitable, we can create an offer in your preferred currency based on the actual exchange rate.

Are there any applicable taxes?

Taxes are considered according to the VAT scheme. You can find a breakdown in our webshop.

Payment and Refunding

Which payment methods are accepted and what are your payment terms?

In our webshop we offer credit card as a payment option. Please contact us, if you prefer another payment option.

After an order has been placed, how and when can the app be accessed?

As soon as you have placed the order you will receive a confirmation of your purchase. Within the next 24 h you will get access to your LOOMEO account. You will receive another mail with your login credentials.

Can I get a refund after purchasing a LOOMEO license?

LOOMEO protects every customer and always strives to offer customers a pleasant experience with LOOMEO products and services. LOOMEO is offered as a free trial version so that customers can test it before buying. The trial versions have no functional limitations. All this is to help customers make better purchasing decisions and avoid buying the wrong product for their needs.

Due to the possibility of testing before purchase, LOOMEO only grants a warranty in the following two cases:

  1. You do not receive the registration code within 24 hours after the purchase and there was no prompt response from the LOOMEO support team after contacting us (within 24 hours). In this case LOOMEO will refund the customer’s order if the product is not needed in the future.
  2. The software has technical problems and no solution has been offered within 30 days. In this case LOOMEO will refund the subscription fee proportionally if the customer does not wish to wait for a later upgrade.

Software Maintenance

What kind of support does LOOMEO offer?

On our website you get access to our smart LOOMEO Help Desk. There you can create and edit any error messages or requests after having purchased LOOMEO. You can find the link to the help desk here.

Are there updates for LOOMEO after I have purchased it?

We regularly update LOOMEO. This includes both patches and additional features for our LOOMEO widgets. In LOOMEO ITC we add additional use cases after having been evaluated by our community. Maintenance normally takes place at the weekend outside office hours.

What is LOOMEO’s end of life policy?

In the unlikely case of ending LOOMEO ITC, we would offer our community a free version.


How is LOOMEO licensed?

For LOOMEO ITC we only offer a subscription model on an annual basis per user.

What is the user limit for LOOMEO products?

There is no limit regarding users for LOOMEO. In the case of large number of users and a very complex data model we recommend upgrading to LOOMEO Unlimited and to provide a dedicated server.

How can I add LOOMEO licenses?

You can simply buy additional licenses in our web shop.

Are there special licenses available (e.g. for education sector)?

LOOMEO can also be applied in a non-professional context. Therefore, we offer a special licence for the educational sector. Please contact us.

We are also aiming at co-creation. So, when you are interested in having a LOOMEO license for a personal use case, then just send us a quick outline of your use case (Karsten loves to analyse football games with our LOOMEO Graph 😉) and then we will provide you access to LOOMEO.

Managing My Account

How do I change the email address in LOOMEO?

The mail address has to be changed by our support. Please contact us via the Help Desk and send us your old and new email address.

How do I change the credit card for my LOOMEO subscription?

You can manage your payment methods in your web shop account. Please log in here.

How do I update the billing and technical contacts for LOOMEO products?

You can manage your billing information in your web shop account. Please log in here.

How can I change or reset my LOOMEO password?

For your web shop account:
For your LOOMEO workspace:

Where can I access my paid invoices?

Can I delete my LOOMEO account?

After your subscription has ended and not renewed your LOOMEO account is automatically deleted.


What upgrade paths are available?

You can increase the number of users for LOOMEO ITC Essentials via our web shop. Just buy additional licenses there.

For an upgrade from ITC Essentials to ITC Professional or Unlimited you can send us a request via our Get quote contact form on the LOOMEO website. You can find it here.

How are upgrade prices calculated?

After having received a short description of your use case, we will send you a quotation for a service and consulting package. The efforts depend on the implementation of your use case.

The subscription fee is aligned according to the pricing list on our website.

Do you offer an on-premise model?

Yes, this is possible with the ITC Unlimited edition. Please find all further details in our pricing overview and request an individual quotation.

Customer TERMS

Where can I find the LOOMEO Terms of Service?

You can our LOOMEO Terms and Conditions here.

Your customer terms refer to the grant of publicity rights to LOOMEO. What does that mean? Can we change that?

LOOMEO lists a small number of customers on its website as examples of organisations that use our products. All other information about our customers (customer references, case studies, etc.) will only be published after we have worked with them and obtained their approval.

If you do not want us to mention your company name, please contact our Support Team. We will then add you to a list of companies that do not wish to be known or made public in any way (including the client list on our website).

Can I reassign a license to a new owner?

Yes, this is possible. The mail addresses must be changed by our support. Please contact us via the Help Desk and send us your old and new email address.


What is GDPR and what is LOOMEO doing to comply?

GDPR stands for general data protection regulation, which came into force on 25 March 2018. It replaces national data protection and security laws that were previously applicable within the EU with a single, comprehensive EU-wide law that regulates the use, release, transfer and processing of personal data originating from the EU.
We are committed to respecting all laws that apply to our business, and this includes the GDPR. We are also aware that our customers must comply with requirements of the GDPR, which are directly affected by their use of LOOMEO products and services. We are committed to helping our customers meet GDPR and local requirements.

As part of our efforts to comply with GDPR regulations, we have updated our privacy policy.


Here are also some other things LOOMEO is committed to so that we and our customers can comply with GDPR requirements:

  • LOOMEO does not transfer data to outside the EU
  • LOOMEO undertakes to take the appropriate security measures and precautions in accordance with the GDPR regulations.
  • LOOMEO will assist you in reporting data breaches to regulatory authorities and in notifying customers and users immediately.
  • We will ensure that employees who are authorized to process personal data are committed to confidentiality.
  • We will require any contract processors who handle personal information, including our data center partners, to apply the same data management, security and privacy practices and standards as we do.

Where does LOOMEO store and send my data?

As LOOMEO is part of an ecosystem, we exclusively exchange your data with our platform partner Collaboration Factory. Collaboration Factory provides a respected collaboration platform named cplace to numerous customers from different industries such as automotive or pharma. Collaboration Factory applies the same GDPR regulations and privacy practices as we do.

Who can I contact with questions regarding GDPR?

In order to provide a scalable service to our users and customers, we have included information on DSGVO compliance in our updated privacy policy and published answers to typical questions on this page. Please read through this page first, perhaps you will find answers to a topic that interests you. Under certain circumstances, it may of course be helpful if you can contact us directly. Please see the “Contact Us” section of our privacy policy for more information.

Customizations and Professional Services

Do I get access to the source code?

No, there is no access to the LOOMEO source code.

Can I request a feature?

We are aiming at co-creation and are happy to receive new ideas for features or use cases. Please send us your ideas via our Help Desk. The realization follows our software requirements process. As your request is probably competing with other features on our roadmap, we ask for your understanding that we cannot assure a fixed date of realization.

Does LOOMEO have a professional services team who can assist with on-site training, implementation and / or software customizations?

Yes, we have a team specialized in trainings. For both consulting and software services, please contact us, if you need support.

Privacy Preferences
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