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Business Solution – Plug-in demand planning

Bring transparency and advanced analyzing methods
into your demand planning process and enrich your ERP system
with our LOOMEO Business Solution Plug-in Demand Planning.
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LOOMEO Business Solution Plug-in IS RIGHT FOR YOU IF:

  • You need a deeper insight into your latest demand plan and the development of different demand plans.
  • You need to adjust the information in your planning book. You define time series according to your needs and want to grant access permissions to other team members.
  • You want to expand/scale basic functionalities and business processes.

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LOOMEO Supply Chain Planning & Design comes along with some cool functions. Check them out.

Template Demand Planning allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your latest demand plan and the evolution of different demand plans over time.

  • Compare demand plans with different timestamps against each other
  • Analyse your demand plan on different aggregation levels
  • Use the customizable alert system to highlight data that needs your attention

The underlying data model is flexible and customizable. The data model can easily be adapted to your business requirements and the representing planning dimensions (like customers, geographic regions, products, product groups, …). It can be adjusted to your needs.

  • Configure the planning dimensions with the integrated wizard
  • Adapt the planning dimensions to your needs (for all users)
  • Allow individual, user specific preferred planning dimensions und hierarchies

Business Solution Plug-in Demand Planning allows you to customize the information shown in the planning book. Timeseries (e.g., history, open orders, forecasts, …) that are relevant for demand planning can be defined upon your needs and can be accessed by users through individual views.

  • Analyse business-specific timeseries in the planning book
  • Import data from different sources (like ERP- and BI-systems or market data suppliers)
  • Use the built-in forecast procedures or external AI-based forecasting methods to calculate forecast-timeseries

Business Solution Plug-in Demand Planning extends the planning functionalities of your existing ERP-system by providing core forecasting functionalities, like a user-friendly presentation of data and different ways to modify the demand plan.  Further functionalities required for a smooth process execution can easily be added. This includes for example customized forecasting procedures, automated correction of data, specialized interfaces for importing additional data and many more. This enables you to upgrade the planning solution with increasing process maturity and further requirements.

  • Use the flexible interfaces to exchange data with other systems (data import and export)
  • Profit from a modular system architecture to enhance the functionalities of your ERP system
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