LOOMEO Product Architecture Management
Systematically develop your product Program
and improve
the Product architecture of Existing and new products.
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From product strategy to product architecture with LOOMEO:
Loomeo Produkt Roadmap
Manage your product strategy
Get an overview of your product roadmap

Achieve transparency of your product ramp-ups and phase outs as well as align your product roadmaps to module or technology roadmaps in order to identify the dependencies of product developments.

  • Structured and interactive visualisation of product, technology and module roadmaps
  • Simple identify critical dependencies which timeline at risk
Program and Portfolio Planning
Overview of your product program

Have a look on your product program analyzing it according to differnt product features to identify gaps in your current product portfolio or products that can be removed from the program.

  • Structured presentation according to product areas and features
  • Simple reporting by downloading the portfolio as an image or xlsx-file
LOOMEO Project Portfolio Widget
Identify cost-effective and sustainable product architectures

With LOOMEO PAM you are supported in the systematic conception of product architectures leading to insights what degree of modularization is reasonable for your products. This is facilitated by the smart cluster algorithms in the LOOMEO Graph.

  • Visual analysis of how components and functions are interrelated
  • Simplified cutting of modules
Variant reduction
Cost-optimized and recycling-friendly
product architectures

LOOMEO PAM enables you to develop cost-optimized product structures, leading to reduced variant costs and and an increased degree of standardization without losing sight of market and legal requirements.

  • Increase use of components
  • Reduction of component variants

That makes LOOMEO better than other Product Architecture solutions

The smart and highly flexible solution for Product Architecture management. 
Easy adaptability

Define the data model and user interface by simple modelling and configuration – no coding required.

High flexibility

Optimal interface for every user and their use case. New views and analysis can be added at any time.

Single Source of truth

No redundant data, but only one data source. Remove the Excel shadow IT.

Smart AI Technology

Intelligent graph and cluster algorithms as well as expertise of more than 15 years are embedded.

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We offer you the following free options:

PAM Solution Profile
This document summarizes everything about LOOMEO Product Architecture Management and in what business challenge the tool can support you with. It also points out the product highlights and the benefit you will get out of it.
PAM Personal Demo
In this demo you will get an insight on the holistic approach of LOOMEO PAM and what flexibilities and assets come along with the tool. We will also show you which diverse business challenges have been successfully been solved for our clients.

Why our customers trust us?

For 15 years we have been inspiring our customers with our values:
Solution Template
With our comprehensive LOOMEO PAM Solution Template the tool is customized to your needs and a quickly deployable SaaS solution with minimal initialization effort
Consulting expertise
Our experienced consultants have the relevant know-how that makes the implementation of the software a success.
Adaptability & flexibility
Each company has individual challenges when it comes to product architecture. Due to the flexibility of LOOMEO, this spectrum can be covered.
Single Source of Truth
Collaborative working in the product architecture enables the integration of all departments and remote working.

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