LOOMEO IT Complexity Manager
Bring transparency into your IT landscape.
By using the LOOMEO ITC lightweight approach to Enterprise Architecture Management.
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LOOMEO ITC is for you if…

  • You don’t have an overview of all applications and systems you are in charge of.
  • You are hoping and praying that everything is working after changes and updates.
  • You spend a lot of time searching for information in 300 pages of Excel documentation or massive IT architecture plots.
  • You often find information – however, it is no longer up to date.
  • Nobody knows the details like you do. And vice versa. You know that holiday replacements can be hard.
  • You do not want to cripple your entire organisation with a huge enterprise architecture management initiative.
  • You have heard several times “You need to ask Peter.” – because he is the guy who knows everything.

What you will get with LOOMEO ITC

You no longer need to switch between spreadsheets, email and other tools to keep your IT on track and find ways for improvements.
Single source of truth

No redundant data, simple data management, no Excel shadow world anymore.


Relationships of your IT landscape can be visualized with different graphics.


Your data can be visualised and analyzed in the way you need it to  be presented.

A “Ready
to use” tool

Register and get your personal workspace in max. 2 days. Start small. Scale later.

Ssshh… Get a glimpse into LOOMEO

LOOMEO ITC comes along with some cool functions. Check them out.
Easy data management
Easily import existing data

Simply upload your data on IT infrastructure elements, applications and supported processes from already existing Excel files to LOOMEO ITC. In the LOOMEO Grid you can systematically  set the relations between all IT elements.

  • Enter implicit knowledge about the dependencies of your IT landscape
  • Use Excel import functionalities or customized integration possibilities
Visualisation of complex IT-Landscapes
Recognize the effects of decisions

The LOOMEO Graph offers you a picture of all dependencies in your IT landscape which you can explore multi-dimensionally. An example: When you relocate a server, then you probably know which applications are hosted there. But do you know the dependencies of the applications hosted on this server? Then it gets complex. For this can navigate in the LOOMEO Graph to know which the effects of changes in your IT landscape.

  • Get an overview of your entire IT landscape and its dependencies
  • Multi-dimensionally explore the dependencies of your IT landscape
Smart analytics
Get deeper insights into your data

Which applications support which business processes?  Which infrastructure is used for applications? Which interfaces transfer which data objects? These questions among others can be answered with the pre-defined analytics functionalities of LOOMEO ITC. In the LOOMEO ITC Professional edition your individual smart analytics reports are built.

  • LOOMEO ITC Essentials: Pre-defined smart analytics to answer critical business questions
  • LOOMEO ITC Professional: Customized visualisations and reports for your business questions
Collaboration Features
Share a common knowledge base with your team mates

LOOMEO offers multiple features which fosters collaboration in your team. You can use a Kanban board to track the progress of all your activities around Enterprise Architecture Management. Use wikis in which the knowledge about your IT landscape can be made accessible to all your team members. Easy and fun to use for everybody thanks to a modern user interface.

  • Single source of truth for all your team members
  • Track the progress of tasks in a Kanban board
  • Share knowledge with your colleagues in Wikis
Flexible data model
Change and adapt data model to your needs

The underling data model of LOOMEO is flexible and scalable. LOOMEO ITC comes with an already pre-defined data model in order to capture data about applications, capabilities, organizational units, data bases, interfaces, data objects, etc. This data model can easily be adapted and expanded according to your needs.

  • Adapt the data model to your individual situation
  • Add more data types to the data model
  • Add relevant attributes and dependencies to the data model
Still interested?

Follow these steps

1. Be clear on your goals
We want you to know your goals and why you want to start dealing with Enterprise Architecture Management and increase the transparency in your IT landscape. For this reason we have created an holistic tool set for your on how to lay the foundation of an increased transparency in your IT landscape.
2. Register for trial version
Get the trial version of LOOMEO ITC and you get access within 1-3 days.
After that you have 90 days (!) to test LOOMEO ITC extensively. We also have prepared a small email guide, which shows you step by step how to begin with LOOMEO ITC.
3. Create transparency
We bet most of your knowledge is stored somewhere in Excel files. Easily import your relevant data into LOOMEO. With this increased transparency you can provide information to your peers instantly and it creates the foundation for more advanced analytics functionalities.
4. Apply smart analytics
LOOMEO comes with an already predefined libary of use cases. Further, you can build your own smart analytics which help you to get deeper insights into your IT landscape. The data you have entered before can be represented with different visualisations such as the LOOMEO Graph, tiles charts, bar charts, or many more.

Pricing tables

75 € per month/user
The objective of ESSENTIALS:
Create transparency
SaaS Solution
Pre-defined data model
Use case libary
Easy Excel import
Collaboration features
125 € per month/user
The objective of PROFESSIONAL:
Apply smart analytics
All ESSENTIALS features
Scalable data model
Individual analyses and reports
Genius search (AI-based)
Consulting and customizing services*
250 € per month/user
The objective of UNLIMITED:
Freely customize to your needs
On premise possible
Freely configurable data model
Adaptations via low-code
Consulting and customizing services*

* Consulting and customizing services are billed effort-based. Hourly rate on request.


We have 15 years of experience and customer satisfaction by:
Single source of truth
All elements of your application and system landscape in one tool. No longer searching for hours.
Best price-to-benefit ratio
It is our ambition to provide you with modern IT business analytics at a reasonable price.
Agile and flexible
LOOMEO ITC supports your business requirements and can be easily customized to your needs.
Ideal for SMBs
...and also for big IT projects. Quickly get an overview of this complex world you are in.
If you can Use Excel, you can use LOOMEO ITC with ease.

Try it 90 days for Free.

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