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Supply Chain Design

LOOMEO SCD Solution Profile

This document summarizes everything about LOOMEO SCD and why it is the right tool for you. Starting with the business challenges, pointing out your value and highlighting the most relevant product features.

Self-Assessment for Risk Management

With this self-assessment you will get a better understanding of the maturity level of your supply chain risk management (SCRM). We help you to identify fields of action and how LOOMEO can improve your supply chain risk management.

Interactive Online Workshop

Learn more and discuss with our experts on how to best approach topics such as transparency or risk management in your supply chain. In our online workshop, we will discuss your specific issues in small groups and directly outline possible options how to make your supply chain risk management more effective.

Personal Demo

Find out in a 60-minute personal video session what is behind LOOMEO SCD and discuss with one of our experts whether it can help you with your current issues. You will also get a quick insight into LOOMEO’s SCD approach and typical use cases as well as into the functionality and usability of the software.

Whitepaper: Risk Management & Covid-19

There is currently a high degree of uncertainty in our society as to what personal risk is posed by COVID-19. In our position paper, we illuminate from the perspective of economic-technical risk management how COVID-19 fits into the context of general life risks in Germany.

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