LOOMEO Supply Chain Risk Management
Identify your major supply chain risks and create a
transparent, resilient, and flexible supply chain.
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LOOMEO SCRM is for you, if…

  • you are lacking end-to-end visibility into your supply chain risks and their dependencies.
  • your risk management is more or less troubleshooting in case of failure, but not based on a systematic and preventive approach.
  • your risk management process takes place irregularly and often under pressure from top management or from upcoming audits by customers.
  • you are not working cross-functionally on the identification and mitigation of your risks, but more in separate silos.
  • you don’t have a software-based holistic risk model with smart analytics functions (not Excel 😉 )
  • you spend a lot of time to put together data from different sources and to keep them up-to-date.

What you will get with LOOMEO SCRM

A modern and lightweight solution, that allows you to establish an effective SCRM process in short time.
Preventive approach
Improve your risk design and identify, evaluate and mitigate risk hotspots preventively before they become a problem.
Effortless collaboration
Work collaboratively in cross-functional teams to reduce your supply chain risks.
Single source of truth
Take profit from LOOMEO's easy data management and its all in one data source, say goodbye to your Excel shadow world 😉
Full transparency
Get complete visibility of your end-to-end supply chain - from all relevant supplier to customer tiers.
Scaleable risk model
Start small with a first use case and develop your risk model step by step according to your needs.
Smart analytics
Analyze the effects of failures, identify effective counter-measures, and reduce systematically your risk level.

Where do most companies stand in Supply Chain Risk management today?

Here are some Facts and figures – How would you rate your company?
We don't have full visibility in our supply chains
We don't use technology (except Excel) for SCRM
We experienced at least 1 significant supply chain disruption in the last year
We do not analyze the full supply chain to locate the source of disruption

Source: Supply Chain Resilience Report 2019

May we support you in implementing a modern supply chain risk management approach?

… and help you to improve the risk level of your company.
Please choose one of the options below
Self Assessment
How to pave the way for supply chain risk management
Questionnaire based on a best-practice model
Easy self-assessment
Strengths and weaknesses profile
Fields for improvement and how to start
How to pave the way for supply chain risk management
Introduction to the SCRM concept
Our approach to SCRM
Deeper insights into LOOMEO SCRM
Q&A session
Starter package
2.950 €
Predefined risk model
Proven use case library
3 x 8 hrs consulting service
90 days of software usage

Stefan Jell
Expert LOOMEO Supply Chain Risk Management

“We know that you might be hesitating to sign up. This is why we like to offer you three different options to get started. It is important to us that you know in advance what you will get – we wouldn’t make it any different. So which option is the right for you?”

Follow these five steps to implement SCRM:

Be clear on your goals
The first step should be a clear definition of the situation and a clarification of objectives. Our self-assessment questionnaire will help you to evaluate where you stand in SCRM, what you want to achieve, whether the investment in a professional solution is justified, and how you can proceed best.
Order the LOOMEO SCRM Starter Package
If you want to dive in and to solve your first use cases then order the LOOMEO SCRM Starter Package and get access within 2 days. After that you have 90 days to use LOOMEO SCRM with full functionality, to analyze through your supply chain, and to work out risk mitigation measures.
Create transparency
We bet most of your knowledge is stored somewhere in Excel files or bulky ERP-systems.
Easily import your relevant data into LOOMEO. With this increased transparency you can provide information to your peers instantly.
Apply smart analytics
LOOMEO comes with an already predefined libary of use cases.. Further, you can build your own smart analytics which help you to get deeper insights into your supply chain. The data you have entered before can be represented with different visualisations such as the LOOMEO Graph, matrix representation, bar charts, or many more.
Take action and collaborate
LOOMEO SCRM is a collaborative tool which can be used simultaneously from different locations. Your team can define measures and track the progress in the Kanban board which comes along for free.

What our clients say

We are proud to have helped many different customers to solve their complex issues over many years.
BUSER Portraitfoto-2020
Dr. Michael Buser
Expert and textbook author in the field of supply chain risk management

“LOOMEO SCRM seems to me groundbreaking compared to other SCRM products I have seen so far and is a reference for me. Compliments for this.”

“So far So good, but what’s in it for me?”

If you are not convinced yet, we got an extra for you – check out the Business Case of LOOMEO SCRM.
  • Provision of data and interfaces
  • Modeling and training
  • Licence fee
  • Working with LOOMEO SCRM
  • Reduction of lost sales
  • Reduction of expenses for excel and escalation management
  • Stock reduction through optimized pooling
  • Reduction of premium costs
Costs first year:
  • Internal personnel expense: 10 TEUR
  • Internal data provision / interfaces: 3 TEUR
  • External service: 20 TEUR
  • Licence fee: 16 TEUR
  • Total approx: 50 TEUR
  • Recognition of a hotspot (raw material – critical customer)
  • Timely switch to dual sourcing plus increase in safety stock
  • Actual failure of supplier
  • Supply shortfall over 3 months avoided: approx. 2.8 Mio EUR turnover
  • Benefit (=avoided opportunity costs) approx. 360 TEUR
  • ROI approx. 1,7 months


Because we want you to implement modern Supply Chain Risk Management without taking a personal risk!
Best price-to-benefit ratio
It is our ambition to provide you with an advanced business analytics app at a favorable price.
Long-standing experience
For over 15 years we have been supporting our customers in solving complex problems.
Ideal from SMB to big groups
Our scalable data and licensing model adapts to the size of the company and offers all customers a fair solution.
You decide yourself …
on the degree and duration of your engagement. The SaaS architecture and the flexible rental model does not force you into a long-term commitment.
If you can Use Excel, you can use LOOMEO SCRM With EASE.

Test it 90 days for Free.

You may have a lot of questions on your mind. Find at least some answers here and feel free to contact us.

Check out the FAQs of our clients.

Data can be automatically imported into LOOMEO SCRM as Excel files via an import widget. An interface to SAP is available and can be adapted accordingly. Existing middleware programs can also be used.

LOOMEO can process even very large amounts of data. The filter functions in the graph make it easy to reduce the data to a reasonable level so that you can work with it. Nevertheless, we recommend to start with a manageable data model that fits the use case and then to increase the data complexity step by step.

Yes! LOOMEO SCRM aims to identify weak points in the supply chain by means of semi-quantitative key figures in a preventive way. However, it is also possible to use LOOMEO SCRM reactively in the event of damage, in order to make the effects transparent and to work through the countermeasures collaboratively.

In the longer term, this should take place, yes. In our real world, however, the heroes are usually the firefighters, unfortunately not the fire safety officers! Therefore, it might be better to start small (e.g. with an purely reactive approach) and show the benefits, and then to initiate changes step by step.

It is rather easy to make a ROI estimate based on actual supply chain disruptions and delivery failures that have occurred and then to calculate their opportunity costs. Systematic SCRM based on our lightweight solution has almost always proven to be a very good investment.