Impact analysis

An end-to-end view of global supply and production networks includes several hundred to thousand elements, even for medium-sized companies. The disruption of one of these elements often has an impact on numerous other components of the supply and production network. The identification of the affected supply chain elements requires a complex analysis. Fast action is required to reduce the business at risk, e.g. the endangered turnover.

Survey results on supply chain impact analysis
We do not analyze the full supply chain to locate the source of disruption
We can not determine the business at risk in the event of failure of a supply chain element
We wish for a tool support to analyze the effects of failure in our supply chain


As a digital twin, LOOMEO SCD enables the rapid recognition of effects in the event of a failure. Because all information is linked, the business at risk can be determined without much effort and suitable countermeasures can be initiated. Likewise, failures can be simulated and one gets a first intention about the amount of the resulting damage.

Visualization of Impacts

With the help of the “explore” function, the affected elements can be mapped in the graph in the event of a failure of an SC element. The responsible persons can thus be quickly informed and countermeasures can be initiated.

  • Detect affected elements through the explore function
  • Recognizing effects in the event of a failure
  • Analysis functions enable reduction of complexity

Business at Risk

In order to be able to quantitatively map the effects in case of failure of an SC element, we use dynamic tables. The affected elements of the failure are mapped and an initial estimate of the severity of the failure can be made based on the turnover of the end products.

  • Quantitative assessment of the business at risk
  • Quantitative estimation when simulating a failure
  • Information on affected element

Affected Material Flow

The display of the material flow in the “Flow Widget” also enables quick recognition of the effects of the failure of an SC element. When the failed SC element is selected, the associated material flow shows all direct and indirect dependencies to this element.

  • Concentration on the affected material flow
  • Reduction to the essentials
  • Management suitable visualization

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